Welcome to Kindred Kingdoms!

We are an organization dedicated to the care and release of injured birds of prey and black bear in Central and Northern New York.

Our History
Kindred Kingdoms Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that was formed in 1997 By Jean Soprano and Len Soprano. We began our journey working with mammals and birds and eventually took on the rehabilitation of black bear. This endeaver required that we build habitat that would be suitable for black bear, including dens and a set-up that would allow us to do blind feedings to keep the bears from associating humans with food in order to secure their best chance for survival when they are released.

In 2012
In 2012 we changed course and merged with Feathers and Friends, a center dedicated to the rehabilitation of Birds of Prey and community education. With this endeavor we changed our acceptance policy from all animals and birds to Black Bears and Birds of prey. We felt this was in the best interest of our facilty, the volunteers and most importantly the animals.

Our Mission
The mission of Kindred Kingdoms Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is to provide the best medical treatment with the least amount of stress possible for the injured and orphaned wildlife that come to us in need of our help.
We do this by building shelters on our 40 acre site, in their natural habitat surrounded by foliage, fresh air and all the sounds of nature that they are accustom to, ultimately providing the best conditions to allow the animals to heal.
Our Ultimate goal is to care for wildlife and get them healthy and strong enough to be returned to the wild.

Another aspect of the center is to educate and encourage preservation of habitat and wildlife. We accomplish this through educational programs for environmental organizations, schools, nature centers and also through our yearly newsletter.
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